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Bamboo Baby Bath Panda Essentials

Snuggle your little one in our ultra-soft, super absorbent, warm and plush Panda-hooded towel. Bamboo fibers are gentle against sensitive and eczema-prone skin, hypoallergenic, and naturally odor-resistant.  Includes 7 baby washcloths, perfect size for getting around tiny fingers and toes. An eco-friendly, gender-neutral baby shower gift.

Bamboo Cotton Menstrual Pad


Washable, waterproof, re-useable and durable. Bamboo cotton pads have wing snaps so it won't get away on you. Comfort, confidence and cost savings. Great for the environment, save tons of pads from the landfills.

Pad measures 10 x 3 inches Wingspan: 7 inches

Bamboo Cotton Swabs

These cotton buds are 100% bio-degradeable made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. 1 Box has 100 buds Imagine how many cotton swabs have ended up in ocean or in a landfill, polluting the earth taking hundreds foyers to degrade.

Bamboo Cutlery & Straw Travel Kit

I’d like to think that my Great Aunt Mabel would have several of these kits in the closet where she kept a selection of gifts to give, “just in case”. Truly versatile and great for all ages, these travel kits come with their own travel bag. Bamboo utensils are sturdier than plastic counterparts, and easy to clean as well! The straw is accompanied by a cleaning brush.

Bamboo Home and Travel Friendly Starter Kit

I’m not gonna fool you. It can be hard to start reducing and reusing. Zero waste is a challenge. Our kids get it, but for us, we have habits to undo. Make it easy on yourself.  This starter kit contains the easiest-to-implement reusable products. Prepackaged in a reusable bag. That you can reuse. Cool.

Bamboo Laundry Hamper Shelf

Just what your bathroom needs! Organize your bath with this beautifully sleek bamboo shelf unit with plenty of additional storage and organizational space plus a handy hamper to keep laundry in check.

Bamboo Luxury 8-Piece Towel Set (Bedvoyage)

Plush bamboo towels that are super absorbent help dry you quicker and alleviate skin conditions. Our luxuriously soft bamboo/cotton/ply blend towels are odor and mildew resistant, and with a hang tag for drying, they can be reused for days.

Bamboo Make Up Remover Cotton Round Pads

100% bamboo cotton face wipes are the kindest thing you can do for your face at the end of the day. Wipe away toxins and dirt with these little pads that fit into your hand as easily as the water you’re rinsing with. Comes in packs of 8, in a mesh bag that makes them easy for travel. You’ll always have a clean one on hand. Perfect for the diaper bag, the gym bag, the lunch bag, briefcase. Mesh bag measures 5” x 7”. Wipes measure 3” across. 2 Pink, 2 White, 2 Black, 2 Blue

Bamboo Millwood Pines Tetrault Floor Cabinet

This sleek and elegant floor cabinet adds contemporary style to your dcor! It features bamboo slat door and a drawer complemented by a pure white exterior finish.

Bamboo Straw Set of 6

With over 57 Million plastic straws going to landfills in Canada each day, why not try natural & bio-degradeable bamboo straws? Certainly a talking piece around a restaurant table, fun and eco-friendly alternative. These straws re long-lasting, dishwasher or sink wash safe. Set includes: 6 Bamboo Straws Tan linen pouch Cleaning brush”

Bamboo Tooth Brush


 Saving the world, one brush at a time.

Bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antimicrobial, they are also eco-friendly and bio-degradeable.

Approx 7” long